VenueView High Resolution Full-Screen Panoramas


Precise alignment of the camera that allows for rotation around the nodal point of the lens results in images free of parallax. It is essential for seamless image stitching free of visible lines or banding. This allows multiple images to be warped and combined into one apparently single image.  We use a high resolution Nikon digital SLR with a 10.5mm full frame fisheye lens mounted on a sturdy Nodal Ninja 3 MKII panorama head.


Assembling a high resolution 360° spherical panorama involves a lot of moving parts. We use Nikon’s Capture NX2 and View NX2 to process and sort the images; EnfuseGUI merges the bracketed exposures; PTGui stitches overlapping images to make the equirectangular image used to create the panorama; Photoshop and Pano2VR handle retouching the cube faces that Krpano uses to project the spherical panorama display.


Techniques for processing and displaying 360° spherical panoramas are as different as the photographers that shoot them. Our unique cinematic presentation is a fully automated tour that looks, and can be used, like a video. Unlike a video, our tours offer full interactivity, your customer can control the 360° panorama – pan, tilt, zoom – and jump from one scene to another at random. No video can do that.