Office Suite Filled with Art

Click on the image above to launch a tour of the New York Video Conference Center. Don’t forget to hit the FULLSCREEN button inside the panorama when it starts.

A great deal of the marketing for Fink & Carney, a court reporting service, and the New York Video Conference Center, operating in the same offices, is done at conferences and legal trade shows. They also put a lot of effort into search marketing for their website,, which was designed by VenueView Inc.

For a trade show booth, the completely automated, high-resolution, full-screen panorama tour attracts visitors to the booth and acts as a very effective tool for showing the size and scope of the facility.

The tour done for the New York Video Conference Center is a good illustration of our on-site production process. By bracketing exposures and computer image blending, we can shoot without anything but the existing ambient lighting. This makes our hardware footprint very light — just camera and tripod!

The total time on location to shoot the nine panoramas in the tour was four hours. This included time for a walk-through of this beautiful office suite with the client and review what we would shoot, straightening all the pens, and blocking the position of each shot.

The time-consuming part of this process happens at the computer. It can take up to two hours per panorama to produce each final image, then anywhere from two to four hours to program the movements for the automated, self-running presentation.

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