Panorama Sampler

Click on the image above to launch a tour of a variety of panoramas shot for the portfolio. Don’t forget to hit the FULLSCREEN button inside the panorama when it starts.

The Silver Towers, designed by I.M. Pei,  are a trio of residential buildings in Greenwich Village in New York City. The plaza has on of only two outdoor sculptures by Pablo Picasso.

This shot was done with the camera at about fourteen feet off the ground. “Pole” panoramas can add dramatic perspective to the scene and, in this case puts you a little more eye-to-eye with the Picasso.

We did two panoramas at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal illustrate our ability to find unconventional views of what might otherwise be routine perspectives on the scene. In this case the sign at the terminal looks pretty grand — from behind.

Also include is one panorama of a Soho boutique and one of a Soho loft kitchen. Two additional panoramas show a backyard barbecue at the Jersey Shore and the paddock crowd at the Belmont Stakes that “Big Brown” was sure to win.

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